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Credit Card Terminals and POS Systems
Explore our Credit Card Terminals and POS Systems

We’re proud to offer a wide range of high-quality credit card terminals and POS Systems

  • PAX A920

    • Cellular, Wi-Fi, and long-lasting battery for go-anywhere portability.
    • 5-inch high-resolution touchscreen is incredibly easy to use.
    • Advanced capabilities make it quick to ring up multiple items.
    • Sleek, stylish design is space-saving and built to last.
  • PAX A80
    Compact footprint, gives you more space on the counter.4-inch high-resolution touchscreen with durable physical keypad.Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity for dependable performance.Included power supply plugs right into the wall.Affordable and loaded with pow...
  • Swipe Simple B250
    Save money on transaction costs with a SwipeSimple Bluetooth card reader. Supports contactless tap, EMV Quick Chip, and magnetic stripe cards. Compatible with iOS and Android phones and tablets.
  • Deejavoo Z8

    • Processor: 400 MHz, 32-bit microprocessor
    • Memory: 192 MB (128 MB RAM, 64 MB DDR RAM)
    • Weight: .77 lbs
    • Dimensions: 7.5” x 3” x 3”
    • Display: 2.4” LCD color screen (320 x 240 pixels)
    • 15 standard keys on backlit keypad and 6 function keys
    • Integrated thermal printer that can display graphics; takes 2.25″ x 80′ thermal paper and prints at 4″ per second
    • Electronic receipt options (via SMS text or email)
    • Software supports post-authorization tip adjustment
  • Deejavoo Z11

    • 3.5” high-contrast, TFT LCD color touch screen (320 x 480 pixels)
    • Weight: .77 lbs
    • Dimensions: 7.5” x 3” x 3”
    • Memory: 192MB (128 MB RAM, 64 MB DDR RAM)
    • Processor: 400MHz, 32-bit high performance, secure microprocessor
    • Integrated thermal printer that can print graphics; takes 2.25″ x 80′ thermal paper and prints at 4″ per second
    • Built-in loyalty and rewards program so you don’t have to issue and track loyalty cards
    • Electronic receipt options (via text and email)
    • 15 standard keys
    • Supports post-authorization tip adjustment
  • Deejavoo QD4

    • Android OS 
    • Wi-Fi + Ethernet + USB 
    • 5.5” LCD Touch Screen 
    • EMV/NFC+MSR Enabled 
    • Built-in Scanner/Camera 
    • Integrated Thermal Printer 
    • 50ft Paper Roll 
  • Poynt Smart Terminal

    -Connectivity: Ethernet, WiFi, or LTE

    -Types of payments accepted: Accept EMV chip, NFC, Tap, and swipe transactions

    -Integrated thermal printer

    -Camera included (Can be used for barcode scanning and more)


  • PAX Aries 8 Register

    Vibrant touchscreen offers full POS/cash register capabilities, even for complex transactions. Small form factor fits almost anywhere, even in limited spaces. Swivel mount conveniently shows customer prompts for tipping and digital receipts.

    Also available on smart terminals or your own iOS or Android device.

  • PAX E500 Smart POS

    • All-in-One Integrated Solution
    • 8″ Merchant-Facing Touchscreen
    • 4.3″ Customer-Facing Display
    • 2MP Front Camera, 5MP Rear Camera
  • PAX E700 Smart POS

    • 12.5″ HD Touchscreen Display
    • 4G | Wi-Fi | Bluetooth® wireless technology
    • 3″ High Speed Thermal Printer
    • PCI 5.x SRED & NFC Contactless
  • PAX E800 Smart POS

    • 4G + WiFi (5 Ghz) + Bluetooth (BLE) + Ethernet
    • Integrated PAX Q20 Hybrid DipReader
    • PCI 5.x SRED & NFC Contactless
    • Super-fast printer, up to 150 mm/s
    • Flexible power charging options
    • 15.6-inch full HD IPS display
    • Multiple port peripherals
    • Supports WiFi probes
    • Inbuilt Cameras
    • Inbuilt GPS

    • Manage orders and payments
    • Process payments 
    • Eliminate credit card processing fees with Lavu’s Cash Discount Program
    • Track inventory
    • Send orders to the kitchen 
    • Post on kitchen displays systems (KDS)
    • Set up self-ordering kiosks 
    • Get detailed reporting
    • Identify menu best sellers 
    • Manage employee clock in and clock out 
    • And so much more
  • Quantic POS

    Make on-the-fly changes with or without a traditional card swipe. Quantic services also allow for custom customer discounts and quick tap-to-apply privileges. Easily set up manual reoccurring payments with captured cards on file. Have customers call ahead and offer totally paperless and contactless transaction.

  • B Logic POS

    Custom Solutions Perfected For Your Business

    From restaurants, to cafes, to retail, to salons, to grocery stores BLogic POS is packed with over 300 features in a beautiful, easy to use design. We offer a variety of solutions that will suit your needs. Contact us and we’ll sort it out for you.

    No training necessary

    Get up and running and start making your first sales in a matter of minutes with our intuitive Point of Sale.

    Zero Cloud POS

    Designed to increase security, stability, ease of use, and speed of service. BLogic’s streamlined ecosystem provides businesses with the right tools to grow. If your business is busy, you’re familiar with the rush. Don’t let spotty internet slow you down.

    Inventory Management

    Keep track of what’s in stores at all times. No need to “check the back” or call around to other locations. BLogic systems automatically sends emails when items are running low in stock.

    Mobile Tablet Tableside Ordering

    Service your guests quicker than ever. Staff can place orders from a tablet or smartphone  directly at the table and are quickly sent to the appropriate kitchen/bar printers and the POS is updated in real-time. The solution will dramatically increase service efficiency and customer service.

    Gift Cards and Loyalty Program

    Create and sell gift cards quickly and easily. Add your customers quickly as they make purchases, and collect essential marketing information like email addresses and phone numbers. E-mail marketing to offer deals/sales and incentives and get more return customers.

    Payroll Services

    Simplify employee operations and save time by integrating payroll with POS. The benefits of using an interface are time savings and possible keying errors from Point of Sale reports to payroll entry.

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