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Credit payment processing services

Our Money-Saving Credit Processing Alternatives
Our surcharge system is perfect for businesses where cash discounts work best!
  • Auto repair, service, and towing
  • Bars, clubs, liquor stores
  • Convenience stores and pawn shops
  • Contractors, electricians, and HVAC technicians
  • Fire arm sales
  • Restaurants and quick service food
  • Urgent and 24-hour repair businesses
  • Most retail car-present businesses

Hattiesburg-based credit card processing services
Cash Discount Program

We developed the cash discount program to empower business owners to pass the cost of processing cards to their customers.

The business posts a sign stating all advertised prices are cash prices, and a 4% non-cash adjustment will be applied for paying with a card rather than cash.

Therefore, the transaction price will be 4% more unless they choose to pay with cash.

The terminal automatically adds 4%, collected by the merchant on every transaction. This maximizes businesses' savings, effectively eliminating nearly 100% of their processing fees. The goal is to urge customers to pay with cash rather than a card, eliminating fees for the merchant and saving money for customers who pay with cash.

  • Eliminates nearly 100% of processing fees
  • Compliant cash-discount program
  • Maximize savings for the merchant and the customer
  • One-day approval with next-day funding
  • Free EMV terminal and multiple POS integration
Image of someone using payment terminals in Hattiesburg MS.

Mobile payment systems for small businesses
Mobile Contactless Payment

Easily offer contactless dine-in service and fast, easy takeout and delivery, without disrupting your operations. 

Mobile payments refer to any payment made using a mobile device. As smartphones are ubiquitous, there are now convenient ways for consumers to pay through their phones.

Contactless payments are a way of making payments without physically swiping your card in a machine or handing it to a cashier. If you've seen someone tap their phone at a checkout counter to pay for their latte, you've witnessed the technology in action!

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payment terminal installation
Retail/Restaurant Point Of Sale

Give your guests a safer experience, whether it's contactless dine-in, curbside pickup, 3rd party delivery integration, or online ordering.

With our 24/7 customer service, you’ll only have one number to call with questions or issues.

Whether you have one location or 100, our POS machines like the NCR empower you to move faster, modernize operations, and enhance your customers’ experience.

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Modernize your business operations
Virtual Terminals

How does a Virtual Terminal Work?

A virtual terminal turns your computer into a payment-processing device: as long it has internet access. Merchants can use a virtual terminal to process a transaction once they've collected a customer's information over the phone, internet, by mail, or even in person.

Take orders online or over the phone and process payments on the spot.
Key in the credit card details and process a payment anywhere you have an internet connection. Your transactions will instantly appear on your Activity page.

Create recurring payments with autopay.
Allow your customers to enable autopay on recurring invoices while you set the frequency for payment processing.

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Grow your business with e-commerce support

Hub City Payments helps businesses improve their bottom line, either by saving money on their current credit card processing system or by setting up a new system complete with terminals.

We're passionate about not only helping businesses save money but empowering them to grow through e-commerce. Hub City Payments provides invoicing and merchant services to our clients.

Get in touch to find out more about how we can help you move your business online.

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Helping you eliminate credit processing fees
Schedule a free analysis to starting saving money today!